san schaller - artist 

San Schaller was born in Zurich. After completing her apprenticeship as an architectural draftsperson, she completed the study program Visual Communication at the Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK) in the specialization theory in media, design, photography, art and culture.

As a collage artist, Schaller is inspired by art itself. This includes interior design, photography, design, painting, illustration as well as dance and all kinds of visual arts. She uses color concepts from all over the world (Japan, Le Corbusier, etc.) to influence her works. As a writer, she strives for storytelling with every new collage.
For her works she uses all kinds of printing materials such as magazines, books or posters. Her way of working is analog, only cutter, scissors and glue are used. Then she scans the works. San prefers to work with preset image sizes and dispenses with any image processing programs. She is a self-taught collage artist and is always trying to developing her style.

To purchase some selected artworks, please visit the art-shop. If you saw a collage, that is

not in the shop, please feel free to contact me directly. I am pleased to be able to submit the

various options to you.




Körper & Raum, mit Brigitte Dubler in der Galerie am Lindenhof, Zürich

Space - Big Size, mit Sigal Asraf in der Villa Grunholzer in Uster


The Experience of Space, mit Sigal Asraf in der Villa Grunholzer in Uster



Indochina - Fotografien im Restaurant Zum Hut in Uster

Collagen - Graphik15, Zürich